Playing Lost Nations*
Michael Zinganel / Michael Hieslmair / Hans H. Albers

Since the beginning of modernity nations and confederations have appeared and disappeared again. Berlin’s Palace of the Republic, which has been stripped off all former symbols of power, could be transformed into an exhibition space: architectural models of symbolic buildings of different geographical and political origin will be assembled – all having lost their symbolic purpose. One of them would be the former Prussian castle that predated the Palace.

The exhibits would be ordered in strict chronological manner, according to the dates when the buildings became defunct. In this way, a new historical narrative emerges. In addition, the exhibition could be used for mini golf. The models would be placed on the concrete tracks as obstacles so that balls will have to be played around or through them.

While golf sport generally stands for power of capital, boastfulness and distinction, associated with an elitist community of interest, mini golf is an affordable, collective and urban variation with a retro-aesthetics that blends in well with the Palace. Like playing urban golf, but protected from the weather, urban subcultures can flourish without having to fight for prior recognition.


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