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Bergglück (Mountain luck)
Raumlabor, architects
Berlin 2005

A mountain range is created in order to absorb all projections, yearnings and symbolism. Its steepness and inaccessibility creates an environment hostile to any specific use. Since no one can cross the range, it will transform into a place of myths and sagas. Thus, in its very centre, Berlin receives the gift of an object of collective rejection and therefore of collective attraction and imagination.

This newly created void can be exported. In exchange for pieces that will build up Berlin’s central mountain range, one receives a piece of void. Existing mountains can be honoured as godparents to smaller peaks in Berlin. The highest peaks of Germany might donate a small amount of their mass and therefore contribute to the new definition of Berlin’s centre. It is important that the material is derived from ‘natural’ mountains since their presence guarantees a sufficient degree of self-importance, which man-made mountains can never achieve. s


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