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p last / p lace
Daniel Milohnic, Lex Rijkers

In order to invert the former uses of Castle and Palace – both monolithic symbols of power – the structure will be opened and made accessible through the insertion of void spaces. The former ‘Palace’ will thus become a ‘place’, anchored within the centre of Berlin and inviting cultural input of other countries and continents.

As these void spaces will be claimed by new cultural energy they merge with the structure of the building and gradually create a global cultural machine in a permanent state of change. Like slots on a motherboard, the spaces will be filled up, making previously closed off parts of the structure increasingly transparent.

The process of democratisation will be registered from the outside. Heterogeneity and organic growth within the building begin to change the original matrix into a non-hierarchical organisational system, like a global cultural shopping shelf. Within Berlin’s stone facades a new glass-like organism emerges, a sparkling and glowing sculpture with an urban density that will be noted internationally.


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