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bernd kniess architects
Köln 2005

If we transgress the polarised debate between Castle and Palace, we can identify, interpret and negotiate the different and contradicting claims that have been made towards the site. The failure of concepts that were based on the exclusion of the other (Palace or Castle) leads to solution based on the idea of overlap: The original opposition will transform into complementary qualities within the same structural model. As 3-dimensional claims both positions will give shape to a self-generated architectural system. We propose to re-define the notion of ‘to build’ according to the principle of ‘the Real’ rather than ‘realisation’ and propose to set up a research programme in order to investigate a site- and vector-specific methodology of construction.

On this bases we can envisage an alternative future for Berlin’s centre: to generate SURPLUS out of the synergy, which derives from the combination of different cultural and commercial positions.


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