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The danger is not imitation
To mismanage the past is the real danger

Eduard Bru arquitectes
Barcelona 2005

I agree with (some kind of) reconstruction. We, in Barcelona reconstructed Mies van der Rohe’s Pavilion: Who is complaining?)

I would not want things “to be as they were”. I am talking about to use the past, to use different pasts. For this reason I have tried to maintain the most transcendental and essential part of the GDR Palace: the former parliament space.

The first step is to liberate this space from the “heavy dress” that is nowadays covering it. This scenario might stand for a long period. The space could be transformed into an open-air public area linked to the river and the Spree canal and surrounded by lawns, inviting sunbathing and also public discussions.

After sufficient funds have been gathered, the octagon will be evolved – encapsulated - by the reconstructed Castle. Like an alien it will transform the entire body. The lost “aura” is a nineteenth century idea. Nowadays the copy has a particular “aura”.

By the way, one should remember that Schinkel had organised this space and built the Altes Museum, in response to the existing situation, which, naturally, included the Castle.


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